Caveboy Escape Review – Match Your Way to the Exit (iOS)

caveboy_escape_iconPuzzle games are a dime a dozen on the App Store so it’s always refreshing when you actually find one that sets itself apart from the rest, even if it is based on an overly used genre. Caveboy Escape by AppXplorer is just such a game. It is a match 3 game with a twist. Instead of matching 3 tiles to remove them from the playing field, you are instead matching 3 tiles in order to make your way to the exit and escape.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll be playing a small tutorial that will teach you how to play. Basically you have to go through three rounds to complete a level. Each round has a start and an end. In between each area  layout of tiles that the Caveboy must step on to reach the end. You can only move forward by matching three of the same tiles each time, they have to be in groups of three. It’s not a terribly hard game once you get the hang of what to do. With over 500 levels, Caveboy Escape will certainly keep you busy. Like with most of these puzzle games, there is a side challenge of trying to 3-star each level. The stars here are based on how fast you can complete each level. If you can’t do it the first time, you can certainly do it the second time as the level doesn’t change so you will know what the solution is already.

Overall, I really like Caveboy Escape. It’s a different type of match 3 game and I really enjoyed the whole concept of the puzzles. The puzzles at the beginning of the game are quite easy but they do get harder as you go. Again, with 500 levels at your disposal, Caveboy Escape will certainly keep you busy for a while.

App Store Link: Caveboy Escape
Version: 1.0
Developer: AppXplore
Price: Free
In-App Purchases: Yes
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Caveboy Escape offers innovative puzzle gameplay, utilizing subtle match-3 and connecting tile gameplay that feels fresh and will tickle puzzle gamers’ brains. It takes a keen eye and quick thinking to navigate Caveboy to the exit – Finding the right path will be a challenge as the size of the labyrinth continues to grow. Time is also of the essence as Caveboy must reach the exit or the maze will collapse.

Caveboy Escape Features:

– Maze escape puzzle gameplay: new innovation of match-3 and sliding tile puzzles… it’s a whole new type of puzzling fun
– Solve extremely tricky pathway puzzles under the pressure of time
– Casual Challenge: pastel graphics and a mellow soundtrack, with a time limit that will challenge you without being too harsh
– Be a Star Collector: collect all stars in all stages and beat your friend’s timing
– High Score and Achievements
– Free to play universal app for iPad, iPhone
– Game Center Support

[via App Store]

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