Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition Coming to PlayStation 4 March 4th (Video)


I’m into zombies. I don’t know why but I’ve been into zombie games for a long time. It never gets old with me despite the whole zombie theme being overused lately. I still enjoy playing a good zombie based game. One of my favorite zombie titles that hit the PS3 a while back was that of Dead Nation by Housemarque. Housemarque has gotten a lot of press lately for a little game you might know on the PS4 called Resogun. Well guess what? Dead Nation is coming to PS4 next week in the form of Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition. The game will feature numerous enhancements such as full 1080p HD, with improved textures, rendering, and effects. This makes what was already a great looking game even better.

This version of the game also not only features the original story mode, but also Road to Devastation expansion, a brand new Challenge mode, and a new Broadcast+ mode. The game itself will be $14.99 when it hits the PlayStation Network Store next week, but PS+ members will be able to add the game for free!

[via PlayStation.Blog]

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