Bogos Good Habits Review – A “Puzzling” Way of Teaching Good Habits (iOS)

bogos_iconAs a parent, one of the things you want to teach your child is that of good habits, whether it be to say please and thank you, or to say hello when they greeted by others. We try to instill good habits early on and it’s always good to drill those lessons in on a daily basis. With the app Bogos Good Habits, these lessons are further emphasized through game and is a good way to teach these habits when you aren’t around.

Bogos Good Habits is basically a jigsaw puzzle game in which the end result of solving the puzzle is a message about a good habit in the form of a rhyme. For example, the first puzzle brings the message, “Wake up early morning with a smile. Truth is, we would love to see it all the while.” You also get lovely gems like this, “Exercise every day. Be strong and healthy as you may.” Basically the rest of the game goes like that. Complete a puzzle, get an uplifting quote on good habits. On the puzzle end of things, the puzzles re fairly easy for young children and they’ll be able to challenge themselves by seeing how quickly they can complete each one. They aren’t terribly hard though and can be completed within a matter of seconds.

Graphically, the game has some pretty good illustrations for each good habit. They really help to illustrate each habit.

Overall, Bogos Good Habits is a decent game for children. The puzzles are simple, even for really young children but the main focus of the game really is to just dish out quotes on what makes a good habit. There are 50 of these so the app should be able to at least occupy your child for a while as they work their way through all of them. There is also some replayability as they’ll be able to try and beat their fastest times on each puzzle but for the most part, they’ll probably just go through the app once or twice. The app is free though so at going though the game just once is perfectly acceptable as long as they get something out of it, mainly some good habits.

App Store Link: Bogos Good Habits
Price: Free
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Teaching kids good habits has always been a daunting task for parents. To make it a little less so, QWERKY Communications ( and Winjit ( have devised an ingenious way – a jigsaw game application called Bogo’s Good Habits Jigsaw.

As young parents, we are always conscious of what our children picks up as habits, manners, and how they conduct themselves in front of others. With our busy lives, there is a limited amount of time that we are able to devote to them and want to offer them the best, whether they are having fun with Nursery Rhymes, trying to learn numbers or spending time otherwise on our iPhones & iPads.

Presenting Bogo’s Good Habits – a story game around a boy named Bogo, that is interactive and allows children to learn good habits that Bogo teaches them. The game has various levels of jigsaws, each of which complete into a good habit that the child get’s to learn. Now isn’t that a great way to teach our kids?

Some great things that this app does:

· Learn & Play at the same time

· Superbly interactive puzzles

· Each jigsaw is a good habit that children learn

· The level of complexity varies with each puzzle to keep children hooked on

· Levels offer children a time challenge

· Improves concentration & hand eye-co-ordination.

The app is available for your iPhones & iPads and is FREE to download. Get it now!

[via App Store]

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