Valiant Hearts: The Great War Coming to Home Consoles on June 25, 2014


Maybe it’s just me, but Ubisoft has been cranking out these quirky type games lately that are quite different from what you’d normally see coming from a big named publisher. For instance, the recently released Child of Light and now the announcement that Valiant Hearts: The Great War will be coming to consoles on June 25th, 2014. I hadn’t even heard of this game before but am quite intrigued by the fact that it’s being labeled as a 2D animated comic puzzle-adventure game that uses Ubiart Framework.

The trailer they released today for it looks rather interesting, especially the art direction they are taking with it. Not only that, it looks like a story driven game so it should please those who want more than mindless action. For more information about the game, check out the official press release below.

Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, USA — May 7, 2014 — Ubisoft confirmed today that Valiant Hearts: The Great War, a puzzle-adventure game set during World War I, will release on June 25th, 2014. The game will be available for download on Xbox LIVE for the Xbox® 360 and Xbox® One, on the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation® 3 and PlayStation® 4, and PC Digital at the price of $14.99.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is the story of crossed destinies and broken love in a world torn apart by war. The emotional journey follows four characters inextricably drawn together over the course of the game as they brave the battles and difficulties of the Great War alongside their faithful canine companion. Friendship, love, sacrifice and tragedy befall each as they help each other to retain their humanity against the horrors brought on by war.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is being developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, known for their work on critically-acclaimed titles like Beyond Good & Evil®, Rayman Origins® and Rayman® Legends. The title uses UbiArt Framework which allows them to efficiently animate the game’s comic-book style, which consists of a wide-ranging color palette – from the dark trenches to green forests and snowy fields, and provides stunning scenic variety and visual contrast.

For more information on Valiant Hearts: The Great War, please visit:

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