Worms Battlegrounds Review on PlayStation 4


When I heard that Worms Battlegrounds was coming to PlayStation 4, it brought back memories of how I used to battle it out with my wife on Worms Armageddon on the Dreamcast. It was one of our favorite games to play with each other and I have very fond memories of the game. Worms Armageddon was fun because of the pacing and the fact that my wife and I were quite evenly matched at it. Whenever we wanted something competitive to play, Worms would be that game. Of course I haven’t played a Worms game since then and though there have been other Worms games after, I just never picked any of them up. Now though with Worms Battlegrounds out on the PS4, I decided it was time to pick up a new Worms game, one that hopefully my wife and family could enjoy together.


I don’t remember Worms Armaggedon having one, but Worms Battlegrounds has a pretty deep story mode for those who want to play a bit on their own and most of it is narrated by Katherine Parkinson. You have been enlisted by the Historical Hooligans Society to get back the Stone Carrot, which was stolen by the villainous Mesmer and his army of hypnotized worms. You’ll have to play through 25 levels, all taking place in a museum and set across five different environments, Inca, Viking, Feudal Japan and Industrial Revolution.

The single player mode is actually quite fun and does help you jump back into the swing of things if you haven’t played a Worms game in a long time. In my case, I haven’t played on since back when Dreamcast was out. That’s a long time. The story mode  is the perfect place for beginners to start and allows you to ease back in or learn the strategies needed to win when you hop into multiplayer.


Of course the heart of Worms has always been multiplayer and Worms Battlegrounds is no different. You can either choose to play online or locally. There are two different game modes available for multiplayer, Classic Team Deathmatch and a variation of that called Forts. In Forts, your worms are protected by a fort in which you must slowly chip away at in order to get to the worms hiding inside.


I’m still partial to local multiplayer, and multiplayer here is very fun. Nothing beats having a group of friends or your family around to play with and I really enjoyed the time I spent competing with my wife and kids. Even though I only have one PS4 controller, we’re able to pass the controller around so we could each take turns trying to destroy each other. This is as much fun now as it was back then and is still one of the most fun locally played multiplayer games out there.

If you don’t have anyone locally to play with, you can jump online and play with friends. The new thing here is that Worms Battlegrounds now supports creation and joining of clans. You and your friends can have matches against other clans and even take part in league matches. PS4 users can keep track of their clan progress using the companion website.

I didn’t really make use of online multiplayer as none of my friends own the game yet so most of my time was spent with local multiplayer.


Worms Battlegrounds is a game that long time fans of the Worms franchise should pick up. It is by far the best looking version of the games and in terms of gameplay, has included a lot to satisfy both single and multiplayer needs. Most people however play Worms for the multiplayer aspect and Worms Battlegrounds delivers in this department. It is very fun playing with a group of friends or family and what I love is that this is a game that the whole family can enjoy, even the younger ones.

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