Make Your Own Virtual Reality Headset with Google Cardboard


Google actually has instructions on how to build your own virtual reality headset using cardboard and other “household” items. Google is calling this, Google Cardboard and even has a whole site dedicated to this little project. You can out the site here. On the site, there are links to certain parts you’ll need to purchase as well as full design files for it. There is even a companion app you’ll need to download from the Play Store that you’ll need to use in order to get the full effect of it.

I tried using the app without the cardboard headset and it doesn’t work well as your eyes can not focus at the distance it needs to be at without the lenses. Anyone want to give this a try and DIY one from home?

If Google ever sold this as a kit for cheap, I would possible buy one to try.

[Source: Google Cardboard]


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