Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Art – Including One Star Wars Mashup [Geek]

Since Guardians of the Galaxy just opened last week, and it is by far in my opinion, the best of the Marvel movies so far, I figured I’d do a quick search over at deviantART for all the awesome Guardians of the Galaxy art fans have been creating. Here are some of my favorites.


Of course there’s the usual Star Wars mashup poster. This one is done by Cakes-and-Comics. Of course I did also hear that this movie is being billed as this generation’s Star Wars.


Everyone loves Groot and Rocket. This one is by arneipia.


This amazing piece of art is by PatrickBrown.


Here’s another movie poster like take on the Guardians by LiamShalloo.


Everybody loves Groot, especially dancing Groot. This one is by ZLynn.


I’ll end it with an 8-bit, animated gif by T3hTeeks!

[Source: deviantART]

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