MIXIMAL Review on iOS

miximal_iconThis is going to be a quick review for a little gem I found on the App Store the other day that my little 3-year old daughter has been playing around with for the past few weeks. The game is called MIXIMAL and it’s by Lucas Zanotto, who has had another game I’ve messed around with a bit called DRAWNIMAL. MIXIMAL features 11 animals that children can mix and match into over 1000 different combinations of animals. It’s an animal mixing app that is not only simple to use, but very cute and attractive to children.

The game is simple enough for very young children to use thanks in part to how easy it is to play. All children have to do is swipe left and right to change body parts. There are three sections you can change – the head, body, and feet. You can mix and match any part, each is animated. If they happen to match all the same parts together, the animal will do an even more elaborate animation.

What helps too is that the art in the game is quite good. It’s very cute and animated and the animals featured are quite accurate, even though they are cartoon versions of those animals.

The neatest part though is that the game will actually name your creations based on breaking up the syllables of those animals. For instance, a CHIM-RIL-TO is a combination of a chimpanzee, a gorilla, and a mosquito. The app will even say this out loud. It does this for all the animals you create.

MIXIMAL is a fun little game for kids. The first time I showed it to my daughter, she was absolutely in love with it and couldn’t stop playing it. I had to install it to my wife’s iPhone just so she would let go of mine. I think she just likes the fact that it has animals in it that do funny things. Whatever the reason, it’s a cute game that kids seem to really enjoy.

App Store Link: MIXIMAL
Version: 1.0.2
Developer: Lucas Zanotto | Yata Toy
Price: $1.99
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Kids! Mix animals, mix syllables.
Parents! Over 1000 unique combinations filled with handcrafted animations and sounds.

MIXIMAL is an entertaining game based on the traditional flip books we all know from our childhood. We have taken this old-fashioned model and generated sweet handcrafted animations and sounds to compliment it. Each animation is created frame by frame to give MIXIMAL a warm and organic aesthetic. The sounds are taken from analogue sources.

MIXIMAL is a tactile experience, as we think our kids should play with quality toys.


[via App Store]

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