Surgeon Simulator A&E Gameplay on PS4 – Trophy Guide Part 1


I’m back with more Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition gameplay footage. This time though, it’s to show off several trophies and how to get them. This game has some of the most difficult trophies to obtain but they aren’t impossible to get. It just requires lots of tries, practice, and patience. These 4 trophies can all be obtained on the brain transplant mission, which is the easiest of all the surgeries.

First up is the “What Have I Done?” trophy which requires you to “Lose the patient within 15 seconds.” This one is actually pretty easy, but took me several tries to get it right. The brain transplant mission is the easiest place to do it as touching the brain with anything makes the patient lose a lot of blood, quickly.

Next is the “How long can you live without a brain?” trophy. This trophy is unlocked if you “Perform a brain transplant in under 1 minute.” Again, this is another trophy that may require multiple tries before you get it right. These are the easiest of the missions though. You just need to break the skull quickly enough and cutting the brain stem takes only a few seconds.

In this video, you’ll be able to get two trophies in one playthrough if you do it correctly. This one is for “I Immediately Regret This Decision” – Electrocute and drug yourself at the same time, and “And They Said It Was Impossible!” – Complete a procedure after being drugged and electrocuted. (Must be afflicted within 20 secs). Start off by drugging yourself and then immediately grabbing the scalpel and electrocuting yourself by sticking it into the electrical outlet. I believe you have to do this right away in order to be eligible for the second trophy. Once you do this, you can continue on with the surgery which is now incredibly difficult because your controls are now reversed. Again, I did this on the brain transplant mission because it’s the easiest one to complete.

And that’s it for now. I’m having a blast playing Surgeon Simulator A&E on the PS4 and have gotten used to the new controller scheme, although some missions are still very difficult, mainly the kidney, teeth, and eye transplant ones.

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