Destiny PS Vita Remote Play Control Scheme Diagram


Sony briefly showed this in their Destiny Remote Play video last week, but for those who want a clearer view of how Remote Play is going to work on Destiny, here is a diagram of the control scheme. As you can see, the R1 and L1 buttons have been moved and will now use the left and right portions of the front touchscreen. The middle of the touchscreen is used to replace the touchpanel button on the DS4. Also, the L3 thumbstick button that is used for sprinting on the DS4 is now the down on the directional pad. Emotes are performed by holding down the left on the directional pad in conjunction with one of the action buttons.

Based on the diagram, remote play should work quite well with Destiny. I’m also glad they didn’t try to map any of the actions to the rear touchpanel as I find it just gets in the way when you’re trying to play FPS games.

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