First Day Destiny Launch Impressions and What to Expect


It’s not uncommon for a huge game to have a shaky launch, especially for a game expecting to have millions if players trying to sign on at once on launch day. We saw it with the launch of Battlefield 4 and Watchdogs and many were expecting some sort of hiccup with Destiny. We were assured however that Bungie and Activision were ready with a huge farm of hidden servers ready for the load.

I’m pleased to announce that in my opinion, the launch of Destiny was a huge success that was as buttery smooth as any launch could be. Last night at 12:30am after coming home from picking up my game, I had no problem logging on to PSN, downloading the required update, and then logging into the Bungie servers to download the giant in-game content file.

Things to expect:

  • Installing the game to the PS4 took very little time. (Or so I thought)
  • There is a 296mb update file that you must download in order to play. (This went by quickly)
  • Once in the game, you will need to download an almost 16gb file. (What??)

That’s pretty much it. It was a smooth process, but if you have a slow connection, it will take you a long while before you’ll be able to actually play. Luckily it downloads in the background so you can go off and do other things while it does. My advise is to get the updating and downloading done as soon as possible so you can enjoy the game as soon as you can.

For reference, I’m on Comcast with speeds of 25mbps. It took me roughly 25-30 minutes to update and download the extra files before I was off and exploring the world of Destiny.

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