Puzzles and Pixies Review on iOS

puzzlespixies_iconPuzzle games are very popular on mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets. This is mainly because they work so well with touch based controls and because of the fact that you can play them for minutes at a time or even hours. It all depends. The fact is that puzzle games are a great way to kill time and are probably one of the most popular genres in mobile gaming. Developer 10tons knows this and has again, released a brand new puzzle game in the form of Puzzles and Pixies, a match 3 style puzzle game featuring butterflies and pixies.

Puzzles and Pixies plays almost like your typical match 3 style game, but in this one, you really only need to make a match of two or more. You do this by stringing together matching colored butterflies that are adjacent to each other and in any direction. The more you string together, the more points you will gain as well as bonus pixies that appear that have special abilities. If you string together a match that has a pixie attached, they can either help clear out all the butterflies that are adjacent to it, regardless of color, or can destroy whole lines of butterflies.

What I like though are the level requirements to beat some levels. It isn’t just a straight up match 2 style puzzle game. Some challenges require you to beat it in a certain number of moves or to clear out all the blocks before your moves run out. There’s lots of variety here and it adds to the challenge.

The graphics in Puzzles & Pixies isn’t bad either. Everything is very colorful and bright and for the most part, fun. It’s not anything that is going to blow you away, but it’s cute. Audio is also pretty nice and has kind of a whimsical feel to it. This is the type of game that will appeal to almost anyone.

The only downside to this other wise good puzzler is that the free version is full of ads after each level played. A new full screen ad will pop up after each level you successfully complete. They don’t get in the way of actual gameplay, but they just pop up way too often. You can do an in-app purchase to remove the ads however.

Overall, Puzzles and Pixies is an interesting take on the match 3 style games. 10tons are no stranger to puzzles games and it shows here that they know what they are doing. It’s a solid puzzle game that’s challenging with lots to offer.

App Store Link: Puzzles & Pixies
Version: 1.0.4
Developer: 10tons
Price: Free
In-App Purchases: Yes
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Puzzles & Pixies is a matching puzzle game from the creators of Sparkle and Azkend.

Join the Pixies in a brilliant matching game where the goal is to string together similarly colored butterflies. String together two or more butterflies with your finger to create a match. When you match five or more butterflies a powerful pixie helper will appear. Longer matches summon even more pixie powerups and give more score. Help the Pixies save their forest!

● Easy to pick up & learn

● Offers truly challenging levels later in game

● Several amazing level types

● Over two hundred levels to conquer

● Hours of top quality matching entertainment

● Move progress between devices with Facebook login

The game offers in-app purchases but they’re not required to play the game through. Puzzles & Pixies displays advertising after successful level completes. The advertising can be removed by buying any in app purchase once.

[Source: App Store]

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