Fold the Adventure Review on iOS

foldtheadventure_iconThere are lot of puzzle games on the App Store. Many of which are very good and also many of them are unknown to the public because they get buried under all the more popular, well known games. If you dig deep enough though, you find gems that are both fun and different from what you’re used to. For instance, Fold the Adventure by Digital Worlds is a rather interesting puzzle game that combines game mechanics you may not have seen before. It seems like a basic puzzle game where you try to collect 3 stars but it requires creative use of scissors and folding mechanics to make it stand out.

You start off with a piece of paper that has a fixed fold point. Folding it will reveal how the stars are arranged and where the exit door is. From here, you can kind of get an idea of where you need to cut and fold when the paper is flat. Press the fold button again to make it flat and using the scissor tool, cut where you want the paper to be cut while adding fold lines of where it should be folded. If you press the fold button again, the places you cut and marked for folding should appear and form steps where you character can jump on and collect stars and head to the exit to complete the level.

All this makes for a rather creative game where you have to think a bit differently to solve each puzzle. The game does a good job of teaching you how to play and does a good job of pacing the difficulty as you move on to new levels. The only part of the game that can get frustrating is when “enemies” are introduced. These are levels where there are dangers involved outside of just solving the puzzle. It’s mean to bring another layer to the game, but all it seems to do is make the rather good, puzzle solving element of the game more frustrating than it needs to be.

Despite this, Fold the Adventure is still a a very good game. I really like the whole “cutting and folding” element introduced in the game which makes it rather unique. It’s a challenging game that really makes you think. It also helps that the graphics in the game are actually quite good along with the whimsical music that accompanies it.

App Store Link: Fold the Adventure
Version: 1.1
Developer: Digital Worlds
Price: $3.99
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Fold the Adventure is a unique paper folding game that combines puzzle and arcade gameplays. Your goal is to help prince Nezo in his quest of brining back stars stolen by an evil alchemist. The basics of the game are very easy to master, yet it would take some time to excel at every aspect of it.

* Unique combination of 2D puzzle and 3D adventure
* Stunning 3D graphics
* Innovative paper folding gameplay
* Adorable character loved by children
* 40 levels to solve
* Epic and funny mind challenge
* Works even on iOS 4.3
* Available in English, French, Deutsch, Japanese, Russian

[Source: App Store]

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