Destiny Public Event Timer Review on Android

destinyPE_iconOne of the most useful websites for Destiny is that of Seasoned players will know that this site is a valuable resource for letting you know when Public Events will occur in Destiny and where. There are other sources for this info, but I believe this site was the first to really put it all together in an organized, easy to view fashion. To make it easier on Android users, they’ve taken all the information on the website and streamlined it into an Android app, Destiny Public Event Timers.

The main difference between this app and the actual website is that this app doesn’t have all the banner ads that the website does, but it does have popup ads that occur when switching planets. These can be easily closed. It’s also a lot easier to navigate in general and much more mobile friendly than the website was. It still has all the same information, organized by planet, with color coded regions for each.

Other than that, it’s basically the same information you would find on their website, just now in app form and easier to get to.Destiny Public Even Timer is a simple app that does what it says it does. It tells you where the next public event is going to be in any given area that you are it. This is real helpful for those who are trying to farm Vanguard Marks, Rep, and Ascendant Materials.

Update: The latest update for this app completely broke it. It is now littered with video ads and kills the entire experience. You are better off just going to the website now instead of using the app.

Google Play Link: Destiny Public Event Timer
Version: 1.0
Developer: Immortal Robot
Price: Free
Compatible Devices: 2.3 and up


Don’t miss any more public events with the Destiny Public Event Timer!Get all public event timers on Earth, Moon, Venus, and Mars so you don’t have to guess or miss any events in the future!
Don’t miss your chance to get free ascendant materials!

These timers are not guaranteed to have events in them every time, the timers shown are the times the event could potentially happen!

Note: Destiny Public Event Timer is neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Bungie.

[Source: Google Play]

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