Flyhunter Origins Review [PS Vita]


Flyhunter Origins is an action platformer that is published by Ripstone and developed by Steelwool Games. What makes this game particularly interesting is that the team behind this game were former animators over at Pixar studios. That means I expected a lot from this game in terms of graphics and hoped that their experience translated to a clean, good looking game.

This review may seem familiar to some because we actually looked at the iOS version of Flyhunter Origins last week. That review you can check out here. Today however, we are looking at the PS Vita release of Flyhunter Origins which sees one key difference from the mobile version of the game. Unlike the iOS version, the PS Vita version sees the benefit of having actual physical controls that are present on the device. That is a huge plus because no matter how good those touch controls were on the iOS version, nothing beats having actual control sticks and buttons.


Flyhunter Origins stars Zak, an alien spaceship janitor aboard a ship full of real Flyhunters. One day while treking back home,  Zak discovers that his fellow cryo sleeping Flyhunters and a cargo of precious flies have been jettisoned from their ship and scattered around Earth. Zak is thrust into a position of heroism where he must not only rescue the Flyhunter crew, but also recover the cargo of flies that were lost.



Flyhunter Origins plays very much like your traditional platformer. Most of the game consists of platforming elements where you navigate environmental platforms to get from point A to point B. Along the way, you collect various items like rare bug eggs and energy. You have your standard walk and jump movements as well as being able to swat enemies with your handy dandy Flyhunter issued, fly swatter. This is where you’ll be grateful for the PS Vita’s physical controls as it makes playing the game that much more fun and care free when compared to its touchscreen mobile counterpart.


Along with the traditional platforming levels, you also get a few levels with the much newer style of 3D platforming elements similar to what we used to see with games like the Crash Bandicoot series. Although their take on it is more like an endless runner where you just kind of go with the motion and just move Zak around to collect eggs and swat the fly you’re chasing out of the sky. It’s not bad, but the more traditional platforming sections in the game I think are better.


Like the mobile version, the graphics on the PS Vita version are pretty good. I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but the lighting effects seem to be a bit better on this version and the graphics seems to be overall smoother and softer. Everything just looks smoother and less harsh and solid which I think makes the PS Vita look a bit better in my opinion.


The art does have a more “cartoon” like feel to it. There are elements in the game that are modeled after real life things, but as real as they may try to model them, they still have that cgi rendered look to them. That’s not too bad for a game like this and it’s subject matter. The character designs are good and do look like they could have been lifted from some Pixar animator’s sketch book of ideas. My favorite elements of the game though are the set pieces in which the devs really did a great job of modeling all the environmental elements in the game. Given that, this is a cute game for both adults and kids.

Audio wise, it’s not too bad either. The music and the sound effects aren’t going to blow you away, but for a family friendly game like this, it’s not too bad at all. I like how there are voice overs for all the cut scenes and text the pops up which is good because sometimes I just don’t like reading in game text, especially on smaller screens. They did a pretty decent job on picking the voices for each character too.

Final Thoughts

Like the mobile version we checked out earlier, Flyhunter Origins is a pretty good game. Fans of platforming games will enjoy this and it’s a game that is appropriate for both kids and adults. The game itself isn’t really that hard to play so it’s also a very nice casual game for those who might not be experts at platform gaming or for those who want to get better at it. I would say though that I think this is a better game for kids than it is for adults. For me personally, I though the game was fun, but not very challenging. On the other hand, my son really liked the game and had a blast playing it. He thought it was humorous, fun, and pretty challenging as he doesn’t play many platforming games.

Overall, Flyhunter Origins is an enjoyable game, if not a bit short. It’s a good family game and one that you and your kids will enjoy. Whether you choose the mobile version of the game or the PS Vita version, you’ll get pretty much the same experience, only the controls are different. Me personally, I like the PS Vita version much more.

Review code provided to us by PR Agency representing Ripstone and Steelwool Games.

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