“Shape of the World” Teaser – This is Why I love Indie Games [Video]


Here is a game that I only just discovered thanks to Twitter and a retweet from @gamergirl and I can’t stress how amazed I was after watching their teaser video. Shape of the World is an exploration game not unlike another No Man’s Sky, but on an entirely different level. With Shape of the World, the world litterally grows, dies, and reshapes around you.

Shape of the World is a game where the a world that grows around you, a lone wanderer, as you explore and construct the landscapes of this ephemeral first-person “walking simulator”. The world materializes as you willingly oscillate between thrill of getting lost — scrambling through ancient trees and fallen logs  — and the satisfaction of being found again —  spotting a familiar sight as you crest that once elusive hill. Your presence is the driving force behind the dynamic, evolving environment as you establish more permanent monuments to mark your way. Does the forest grow when no one is around?

Shape of the World builds on the ideas of experiential games like Proteus, Flower and Limbo where points and combat don’t enter the equation. An evolving world that grows with each step and hints at distant landmarks encourages the player to explore. Shape of the World offers a unique unfolding experience for those seeking an alternative to quest-driven adventure games.

I honestly don’t know much else about it other than that, but after watching the teaser, I’m definitely going to find out more about it.

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