First 15 Minutes of Gameplay from Dying Light [Video]


I was a big fan of Techland’s previous game, Dead Island. I played it to death on both the Xbox 360 and PC and had a heck of a time defeating hordes of infected with my buddies. When I heard they were making the game Dying Light for PS4, I knew it would have to be on my list of games to play.

I finally got a chance to play Dying Light yesterday and though I was only able to play for less than an hour, I really liked what I saw and can’t wait to play some more of it tonight. All I can say is that the game so far is quite fun. The controls do take a bit to get used too, but it’s nothing difficult. After a few minutes, you’ll be climbing buildings and avoiding infected like a pro.

Below is a quick 15 minute video I put up that is basically the first 15 minutes of the game. This is exactly what you’ll see when you first fire it up. There’s not much action on your end, but the opening sequence is pretty fun to watch.

On a side note, use discretion when playing around young children. The game is pretty violent and there is tons of blood everywhere. Not only that, there’s plenty of adult language so it’s not really a game you want them playing or even watching you play.

Disclaimer: Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.


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