Mushroom Wars: Space Review [iOS]

MushroomWars_iconI have a confession to make. I have actually never played Mushroom Wars before despite many saying what a good game it was on the PS3. The latest game in the Mushroom Wars franchise is Mushroom Wars: Space. This will be my first introduction to the series so I won’t be comparing this to any of the past games. This review will mainly focus on this game alone without any prior knowledge of how any of the other previous games were like.

Mushroom Wars: Space is a game centered around capturing bases. You play against an opposing team and must might to see who can capture all the bases. You do so by sending troops from one base to another base. In order to capture a base, the number of soldiers you send must outnumber the number of occupants in the base. Some bases you hold generate troops while others do not. This is where strategy comes in and you must make sure that you send troops to other bases in order to fortify those locations so that the enemy does not recapture those points. It’s a back and forth game and usually the player with the most troops wins.

What’s good is that there are quite a few levels and worlds included with Mushroom Wars: Space. Like with most F2P games, you’ll have to unlock these as you play. What I dislike about the game however is that each world has a series of checkpoints that you need to pass within the allotted number of energy you are given (6). This can be difficult if there are only 6 levels in-between each checkpoint, which means you have to beat each one on your first try. If not, you’ll have to start all over from the last checkpoint. Another thing that needs work is the accuracy. There were many times where my little mushroom men were being sent to points other than what I wanted.

Overall though, Mushroom Wars: Space is a pretty decent real-time strategy game. There is lots of planning and thinking involved and it’s a game that requires a lot of planning and resource management. The game is still pretty casual however and can be played in short spurts. The only part I dislike as stated above is the reliance on energy in order to play, but hey, that seems to be the norm now with F2P games.

App Store Link: Mushroom Wars: Space!
Version: 1.1.1
Developer: CREAT Sturdios
Price: Free
In-App Purchases: Yes
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


One of the best games for PlayStation® Network ( returns on mobile. Meet Mushroom Wars: Space! – an adventure you have been waiting for!

In this epic adventure you will lead the Mushroom people in an exciting travel around other planets. Hours of head-spinning fun guaranteed!

THE STORY CONTINUES: The brave Mushroom people will travel through the brand-new maps in over fifty new missions of the single player campaign. Meet extraterrestrial civilizations, cutting edge technology and new game mechanics! It will take your breath away!

ONLINE MULTIPLAYER comes back improved! Engage your friends or other creatures across the universe in dynamic fights for 2-4 players. Use your new PvP abilities, participate in tournaments, get promoted in Leagues and take part in special events.

BETTER THAN EVER! Mushroom Wars: Space! has maintained all the features of the original game that made it popular with millions of players around the world. If you have played the first part, you will enjoy this game twice as much! And if you are new to Mushroom Wars it is the best time to make a trip to space.

Download Mushroom Wars: Space! right now. Because millions of gamers around the world cannot be wrong!

[Source: App Store]


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