HeyHey Hurry Review – A Kid Friendly Intro to Side Scrolling Shooters [iOS]

heyhey_hurry_iconHeyHey Apps is a developer whose apps I’ve looked at in the past with with apps like HeyHey Pix, Colors, and Match. Their apps have generally been pretty solid and creative thanks in part to the art from graffiti artist Bué . Their latest comes in the form of a side-scrolling blaster game called HeyHey Hurry and is meant to introduce children to their first action adventure. Travel to 6 unique worlds while blasting through enemies for the highest score.

For the most part, HeyHey Hurry is a simple game for kids that requires little more than dragging their fingers across the screen. All they need to do is drag their finger up and down to move their ship up and down to avoid obstacles. Shooting is automatic but you can help upgrade your weapons by collecting powerups. Mainly all players have to do is survive until the end and progress to the next level.

Like other HeyHey apps/games, HeyHey Hurry is very stylized with the art of Bué. It’s a familiar blend of his trademark character designs along with wacky environmental settings. Everything here is very colorful and just fun that most kids should really enjoy the look of the game.

Like the last few HeyHey apps, HeyHey Hurry is another great addition to their growing library of kid friendly games and apps. It’s a bit easy for older players, but young players will find it easy to pick up, but still offer enough of a challenge where they won’t be bored with it. I enjoy it for the art style.

App Store Link: HeyHey Hurry
Version: 1.0
Developer: HeyHey Apps
Price: $2.99
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


At night, Oscar the Lazy dog sleeps, dreaming of the amazing pilot he could become.

In this kid friendly side-scrolling blaster game, children are introduced to the genre. HeyHey Hurry offers a cute and action packed version to children between the age of 5 and 7.

Discover six colourful levels and unlock all planes.

HeyHey Hurry is designed by artist Bué. Known for his cute, colourful and weird style.
Straight forward UI for children.
Amazing sound design that pays tribute to old school games.

Steer your plane through six levels. Avoiding rocks, fish and lots of enemies.
Show your skills in the high speed caves.

Blast as many enemies as possible.
No seriously blast and upgrade your weapon.

Six levels containing some of the most beautiful elements. Underwater world, icecream trees and even an at home level.
Six planes each with their own weapons and character.
Easy to learn, takes some time to master.
Fun for parents as well.
No In App Purchases.
No ads.
Weird bosses.


[Source: App Store]


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