Curve Digital Bringing Four Sided Fantasy to Consoles Next Year [Video]


Curve Digital has partnered up with Ludo Land studios to bring its innovative puzzler, Four Sided Fantasy to all major platforms in 2016. Four Sided Fantasy is a rather unique puzzle platformer in which the player can bend reality by manipulating the way the screen wraps around itself. This means you really must think out side of the box to solve a majority of these puzzles.

If you check out the teaser trailer below, you’ll see just how unique the gameplay really is.

Press Release

4th March 2015 – London – Curve Digital are pleased to announce a partnership with developer Logan Fieth and his studio Ludo Land to bring the highly innovative puzzle platformer, Four Sided Fantasy, to all major consoles in early 2016. Ludo Land are developing the PC version, with Curve Digital handling the development of PS4/ /Xbox One/Wii U/PS3 and Vita versions. All versions will launch simultaneously in Q1 of next year.

Logan commented: “I’m very pleased to be working with Curve Digital to bring my game to all major platforms at once. Curve handling the console versions means that I can spend my time working on the game’s development and puzzles and not need to worry about how to optimize and publish across several completely different platforms.”

Four Sided Fantasy is an intriguing mix of puzzle and platformer, which challenges players to make their way around surreal dreamlike levels by controlling and manipulating the way the screen wraps around itself – memorable examples of this type of wraparound mechanic being Asteroids and Pac-Man.

GIF examples of this gameplay mechanic as utilised in Four Sided Fantasy are included with this press release.

Players will be challenged by the game’s many puzzles but will discover that finding the solution to each is extremely satisfying and feels intuitive and natural when utilizing the game’s innovative mechanics.

Ludo Land are an independent development studio based in Seattle, founded by Logan Fieth. Fieth has most recently worked on critically acclaimed titles such as Perspective, Galak-Z and his own award-winning game, The Fourth Wall.

Four Sided Fantasy is the latest title announced as part of Curve Digital’s strategy to partner with indie developers across the world and help them bring their games to consoles simultaneously alongside a PC release.

About Ludo Land
Ludo Land was formed in late 2013 by Logan Fieth, with the goal of creating tight, well-designed games that combine a serious tone with a lighthearted one, and never take control away from the player. Several of Logan’s previous teammates, as well as some seriously talented new individuals, are joining him to develop the game.You can find out more about Ludo Land at

About Curve Digital
Curve Digital is the largest publisher of independent video games on console formats in the world. Working with high profile developers such as Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone), Dan Marshall (The Swindle) and Olli Harjola (The Swapper), Curve helps individuals and small teams bring their games to a larger audience. Curve actively publishes on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and 3DS.

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