Dying Light Hard Mode and New Content Available for Free Today [Video]


This is just a reminder that Dying Light’s ‘Hard Mode Patch’ is available today. For those who needed a reason to jump back into the game, this is it. The patch will make the game much harder and more realistic according to Techland. On top of the new difficulty setting, there will also be free outfits, new weapons, and a new rare gold tier for weapons.

Press Release

March 10th, 2015 – Warsaw, Poland/ The latest content pack for Dying Light is landing this week. The update comes completely free for all Dying Light players and is loaded with extra outfits, new weapons to be found in the quarantine zone, gameplay tweaks, the much-anticipated Hard Mode and more.

All this brand-new content is a part of the ‘Hard Mode Patch’, which is available on all platforms in North and South America as of today (March 10th). The update will come to Xbox One and PC for the rest of the world on March 11th. PlayStation 4 players outside of North and South America will receive their content on March 14th.

A special video guide has been created to give Dying Light players a quick but detailed review of the most prominent features of the ‘Hard Mode Patch’, with a the focus on the gameplay changes introduced by the new difficulty level.


  • HARD MODE – a new challenge for die-hard survivors
  • EXTRA OUTFITS – including national and reward outfits
  • DOZENS OF NEW WEAPONS – Bone Splitter, Rune Hammer & more
  • Rarity level GOLD – for the most sought-after weapons out there
  • Various gameplay tweaks and improvements

The Ultimate Survivor Bundle DLC will also be available as of the 10th of March in North and South America on all platforms. The DLC will be made available on the 11th of March for rest of the world on all platforms. The Bundle is a part of the Season Pass or can be bought separately at 4,99 USD/ 4,99 EUR / 3,99 GBP.


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