Auto Repair Review – Let Your Little Mechanics Play [iOS]

autorepair_iconI’m sure most of you have kids out there who try to emulate what you do. If they see you doing it, they want to do it. It’s just a fact of life. I’m also sure that some of you are automotive enthusiasts and like working on your own cars at home. I know I am and I have a kid who sometimes wants to help out, but I won’t let him because some of what I do might be considered dangerous for someone his age. So how does one satisfy his inner mechanic? Well, with an app of course that makes wrenching on a car both fun and safe. Auto Repair by 5baam is just that app and allows children to repair vehicles in a variety of creative ways that may or may not be correct, but they’ll find it fun nonetheless.

The game has children repairing various parts of different vehicles. The vehicles are designed like cartoon characters which should make this more appealing towards children. This makes being a mechanic more like being a doctor. They’ll do things like replace tires, replace hoses, replace wipers, fix dents, and change light bulbs just to name a few. While not entirely realistic, the app does do a decent job of representing each activity even though they are really over simplified. This however must be done as this app is for small children. Most of the activities are fairly easy to finish making these frustration free.

Players will however have to unlock all the activities by just playing through the whole game once. After which, they’ll be able to just click on the activity they want to do without replaying the whole thing again.

Graphically, the game looks quite good. The cars themselves have a cartoon like look to them, similar to the movie Cars, but everything else about them are as realistic as they can be for children. Sound effects in the game are also quite good with lots of “car” related noises and what not.

Auto Repair is quite an interesting app for kids. It allows them to play mechanic in a fairly realistic manner, though very simplified. There are a ton of activities they can do in the app and each are different from one another where it doesn’t feel like hey are repeating things over and over again. I really like the fact that some of the choices they can make are totally incorrect and that adds a bit of humor to the app. Overall, Auto Repair is a fun app for those kids who want to play mechanic.

iTunes Link: Auto Repair
Version: 1.1
Developer: 4baam
Price: $0.99
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Become a little auto mechanic. Repair the engine in Sports Car Tony. Take care of the body of Flower Cabrio Flosi. See underneath and repair the chassis of Desert Off-Roader Gurun; and fix interior elements of Rapping Pickup Lagu.

Fix all the 21 faults!
Be creative, also see what happens if you try to fix a car in a wrong way – wipe the windscreen with ice-cream, fix a hole with a bottle cork or make up your own model of an exhaust pipe. See which pump works best for the car tyre, what things look like through a welder’s mask, write numbers on the display and see how car gears change. Where do your radio sounds go and who helps you clean the car? Press the button! Yes! Press all the buttons! and see what happens when the current flows. Find the way to the ice-cream store. Bolt on the wheel. Put the brake together. And more…

What’s inside:
21 unique repairs to do
Most games allow you to play in several ways so the kids keep discovering new things.

Out-of-the-box thinking, creativity & education:
The tasks include creative elements and features that allow you to see what happens if you do something differently. In this way, we encourage the children’s creativity and out-of-th-box reasoning.

Collect pictures:
For every repair done you will get a picture – collect them all and show your parents what a talented mechanic you are.

Unlock Hidden Part:
After completion of all tasks, you can go to a hidden part of the game, fix funny mixed cars, collect stars and change the color of the lift.

– Change the oil
– Fix the timing belt
– Insert the engine pistons
– Repair the radiator –
– Fix punctured pipes

– Repair the remote control
– Pump up a wheel
– Fix the crashed hood
– Clean the windscreen
– Fasten the license plate
– Fix the smashed windscreen

– See what is under there… (what the chassis looks like)
– Change the brake
– Bolt up the wheel
– Scrub the rust away and fix the light bulbs
– Design your own exhaust system
– Weld up the holes

– What can you press in there?….
– Find the way to your favorite place
– Push all the buttons and see the current flow – press, switch on, off and through
– Know the digits and arrange them on the display
– Clean up the car and see who is going to help you
– Fix the radio, choose a tune and help the notes get into the loudspeakers (let’s disco…)

• Kids-friendly, simple interface
• No in app-purchases
• No hi-scores, free play (non competitive play)
• Different difficulty levels
• Creativity, Out-of-the-box thinking

[Source: iTunes]

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