Volo Defender Case for iPhone Review – Protecting You From Microorganisms?


I know this is going to sound strange, but how many times have you seen a smartphone case marketed as featuring anti-microbial protection for your device? I’m going to bet never as almost all cases that I’ve come across only highlight some form of physical protection. That’s all I usually cared about when it comes to smartphone cases. Then I came across Volo’s line of Defender cases featuring Sanitized® protection which supposedly helps keep your phone case clean and provides lasting material protection.

You’re probably wondering how I can test such a claim. I can’t. I honestly do not know how or have the resources necessary to test the cleanliness of the Volo Defender case against microorganisms. What I can comment on is how well the Volo Defender case protects against physical damage such as drops and accidental bumps.

i5-greenThe Volo Defender case features a durable, polycarbonate exo-skeleton along with non-slip inner rubber lining. It’s a much harder material than silicone and in my opinion, much better. The polycarbon skeleton protects the rear and edges of your device while the rubber lining provides shock absorptions. The corners are reinforced to provide even more protection in those areas. What is especially neat and different about the Volo Defender case is that the rear has little rubber ‘Micro-Feet’ at all 4 corners which lifts the case’s back about a millimeter. This helps protect your device from accidental liquid spills. It’s an interesting feature and one that promotes cleanliness.


  • Sanitized® hinders the growth of microbes for maximum protection
  • Glare Free Flash Bevel for perfect photos without flash interference
  • Reduced Slip Micro-Feet prevents slipping and elevates case to protect from spills
  • Super Slim Design fits in pockets, purses and backpacks with ease
  • Reinforced Corners with extra material at the corners gives added protection from drops
  • Easy Access to Ports for headphone, charger, buttons and switches are all easy to access

The Volo Defender case works quite well. It fits nice and snug and doesn’t feel like it will slip off at any point. The design of the rear exoskeleton makes the Volo Defender case very easy to hold while the rubber parts provide grip. Not only that, the rubber actually also preserves the way the case looks. I dropped my phone today and noticed the hard rubber held up quite well. There were no scuffs on it at all and looked as if I never dropped it. That’s a huge plus.

Though I’m not able to really test the effectiveness of the Sanitized® protection feature on the Volo Defender cases, I can say that it provides excellent physical protection. The polycarbon exoskeleton protects it from hard bumps and drops while the harder rubber lining provides good shock protection and a snug fit. The Volo Defender case also has a feature I’ve never seen on other cases and that is the Micro-Feet that can protect your device against accidental liquid spills. Overall, I’m really liking the Volo Defender case. I don’t know about the whole Sanitized® protection thing. If it works, great. If not, I’m just really happy about the amount of protection the Volo Defender case provides.

You can check out Volo’s full line of Defender cases here.


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