Verizon Edition Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Photo Samples [Preview]


It’s no secret that that I am a heavy iOS user. My main smartphone is an iPhone and my tablet of choice is an iPad. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not also a fan of some of the devices other manufacturers produce. For instance, over the years, I’ve had a lots of hands on time with several Samsung made devices, specifically their Galaxy S devices and Galaxy Note devices and have been generally impressed with some of the features they’ve offered. Mainly, I’ve always been impressed with how gorgeous the screens have been, their ability to easily play the most demanding of apps and games, and the quality of photos I get from their cameras. The last feature is what I’m featuring in this post as a small preview before the main review goes up on the brand new, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung’s latest and greatest that so far, has me quite impressed.

These sets of photos were taken over a 2 week span. This is just a small sample of the images I’ve taken. These photos are all unedited meaning I have not used any photo editing apps on them nor have I cropped any. I just want to show you what the quality is like of the photos straight from the camera which I hope you’ll agree that they look very good indeed.




As you can see, the quality of the photos is very good. This may very well be the best camera I’ve seen on any Samsung smartphone, or at least the ones I’ve used in the past. The images are bright and full of detail and doesn’t have that weird blotchy look that previous Samsung Galaxy devices had. What impressed were the indoor shots and food shots because even those came out nice and bright without the use of a flash. That’s usually my biggest issue with smartphone cameras in which they are just too dark without the use of one. The Galaxy S6 Edge captured images like a champ to the point where on my most recent outing, I shunned my iPhone 5 in favor of the the Galaxy S6 Edge.

For professional photographers, you’re still going to want to stick to using a real camera, but for everyone else, the Galaxy S6 Edge is amazing. To check out the rest of the sample photos, hit up my Flickr page here.


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