Goat Simulator Review – Pointless? Yes. Fun? Totally! [PlayStation 4]


When we think of simulation games, we usually think of highly realistic interpretations of doing things in a video game format. Several games come to mind such as Flight Simulator, Farm Simulator, and even Gran Turismo can all be considered highly realistic. If those are all examples of great simulation games, then what the $!#%#@! would we call a game like Goat Simulator? This “simulator” is the exact opposite of realistic, in fact this is probably on of the most unrealistic game I’ve ever played, but you know what? I couldn’t care less because what Goat Simulator lacks in realism, it makes up for in pure, unadulterated fun, even if the game is kind of dumb and pointless.


There is none. Goat Simulator is all about causing mayhem and destruction just because you can. There are no real goals or objectives. You’re just a goat, doing what a goat does. That’s apparently jumping around like a maniac, licking anything and everything, and ramming anything in your path because you are indestructible.



Goat Simulator is an open world sandbox game, though the worlds themselves aren’t very large. There are only two areas you can play at which maybe only cover about 1-2 square miles each. Though not very large by open world standards, there is plenty to do and see. A lot of the environment is destructible and/or can be interacted with. This includes people, objects, and even other goats.

There are tons of weird Easter Eggs to be found and a lot of secrets to be discovered. Most of it is pretty funny stuff but there are a few oddities in there.  For instance, you can discover a bunch of neat goat modifiers that give your goat unusual powers. These need to be found, some more obvious than others. Others require a series of events in order to unlock. For instance, if you check out the video above, you can see how to obtain the Queen Goat (which allows you to summon inanimate goats from the sky) and the Evil Goat aka Demon Goat (which has some weird power I can’t even describe).

While the game does have a list of objectives it wants you to complete, there really is no real reason to follow them as you can probably do a lot of them while just goofing around in the game.

My favorite part of the game however has to be the ability to play local split screen multiplayer with a friend. I’ve been having a blast playing this with my son, causing all kinds of shenanigans within the game. There are even special multiplayer events you can activate in which you can compete with your friend in various activities, such as capture the flag. What’s interesting about local multiplayer though is that whatever your buddy does in the same local game seems to count towards your stats and trophies. So if my son for instance were to do something that unlocks a trophy, it unlocks it on my profile as well. You can see in the above video just how crazy local multiplayer can get.


Goat Simulator does have a more realistic look and feel to it, despite the game being anything but realistic. This just adds to the whole charm of the game. The goat models are surprisingly good as are the rest of the models in the game, such as the people, environments, and in-game objects. They aren’t super realistic however, but they don’t really need to be in a game like this. The PS4 does a real good job of handling everything even when there’s a lot going on at the screen at once without ever lagging or stuttering.


There are however times in the game where the graphics go all haywire and things happen that don’t look like they should happen, but there’s no reason to be alarmed by this. This is actually a feature of the game. Goat Simulator is meant to be buggy and glitch filled. It’s part of what makes the game so fun and appealing. I really like how you think it’s going to be a realistic simulation, only to find out within the first 2 seconds that it’s really not.

Final Thoughts

Goat Simulator in all respect is actually a really mindless game that many might actually find kind of stupid. It is stupid – stupidly fun and the type of game I like playing when I don’t really want to think much and want to blow off some steam. There’s so many amazingly dumb things you can do in this game that you can only laugh while playing and that’s what makes Goat Simulator so enjoyable.

Goat Simulator isn’t trying to take itself seriously and you shouldn’t either. Just have fun playing it. Have fun with the mindless destruction and unavoidable bugs and glitches. Have fun discovering all the crazy Easter Eggs and odd series of events that can occur when you explore. Mainly what I’m saying is just enjoy the game for what it is and if you can, definitely try to play it with a friend. It’s a lot more interesting this way and sharing laughs with a buddy is always a good thing in my book.


Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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