The Swindle Review [PlayStation 4]


Every now and again, I like to play the role of the bad guy in my video games. That doesn’t mean I’m a bad guy in real life. It just means that sometimes, I like being in the shoes of someone who lives life on the other side of the law, in the comfort of my own home, where I’m not actually breaking the law. If you’re like me and want to get into a little trouble, why not check out Size Five Games’, The Swindle. The Swindle is a steampunk inspired, burglary game in which you break into buildings, hack into their computer systems, and steal a whole pile of money.


Like any heist game, the Swindle is all about stealth and trying to get in and out without being spotted or without having any alarms raised. You do so by staying out of the watchful eyes of robot guards and sentries. Their field of view is limited to a specific range and direction so you have quite a few options to stay undetected. You just have to stay out of their field of view which is conveniently highlighted for you. You can stay hidden by clinging on to walls, hiding behind doors, or using the environment to bypass their field of view. If you do come across a guard, taking them out is as easy as punching them a couple times, as long as they don’t see you.


You’re ultimate goal with each heist is to reach the central computer terminal and hack it. Hacking is pretty simple and requires a few simple swipes in the directions they tell you. Once you do that, grab the money and head back to your escape pod, count your haul, and see how well you did.

When you’re back at your airship, you can spend your loot on new skills and abilities, as well as being able to unlock new areas with more loot. When you’re satisfied with your upgrades, you can go back into town and loot more places for even more money and more upgrades. It’s a cycle that repeats itself over and over again with each successful heist.


Each time you play a heist level, it’s supposed to be different as the levels are procedurally generated. That means that there are times where the levels are super easy with a direct path right to your objective and very little security presence and times where there isn’t even an objective and tons of robot guards around guarding nothing. It’s pretty random and like most games of this type, the luck of the draw will determine how your experience will be.

When I said earlier that gaining loot was the ultimate goal, that wasn’t entirely true. The ultimate goal is to make it to the end and steal the Devil’s Basilisk before your 100 day time frame. Each heist counts as a day and each death will also deduct a day. I honestly can’t say I’ve ever reached the end because you die, a lot in this game. That doesn’t mean death isn’t fun because this is a fun game. It’s just a really hard game for those who might not be entirely good at platform games or can’t deal with not knowing exactly what to expect from each playthrough.


With that said, The Swindle I think is best in spurts and not as a marathon. The game can be very repetitive if you suck at it and of course can be super frustrating as well. In short spurts though, the game is quite enjoyable and very fun, as long as you’re winning and doing well. The Swindle is a game that requires a lot of skill, patience, and a bit of luck so it really all depends on your mood that day and what the gods of RNG deal to you. Overall, I’ll say that I did like my time with The Swindle. The game as a whole is fun and interesting, the graphics are pretty good and very well done, and the game as a whole plays quite well its loot based system of enhancing  your character and unlocking new, more challenging levels.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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