Infographic Shows Why Toca Boca is the No. 1 Mobile First Kids Brand

Toca Boca Celebrates 100M Downloads

If you’re still reading this, that probably means you have kids and at one point have downloaded a Toca Boca app in the past. In my case, I’ve downloaded quite a few of them for both of my children when they were young and they were some of the best apps they’ve ever played with. I know I have friends who swear by Toca Boca apps as well so it’s great when you hear how well they’ve done with over 100 million app downloads thus far.

Press Release

STOCKHOLM & SAN FRANCISCO (September 15, 2015) – Toca Boca, the world’s No. 1 mobile­ first kids brand, today celebrates its 1​00 millionth download.​The landmark accomplishment comes after the launch of Toca Boca’s latest app, Toca Life: City, No. 1 on the App Store in 47 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan.
Toca Boca creates gender­neutral digital toys, free from rules, levels or predetermined outcomes. It also creates safe digital environments for children to play — even as the industry moves toward a freemium model Toca Boca remains committed to offering high quality apps without in­app purchases or third­party advertising.
Since launching its first apps, Helicopter Taxi and Toca Tea Party, in March 2011, Toca Boca released an additional 26 apps, offering multi­touch experiences and open­ended play to unlock children’s’ imaginations. Toca Boca designs all of its apps from the kids’ perspective — more than 1,500 kids have participated in play testing of Toca Boca apps to ensures kids enjoy playing with them before they go to market.
“We are proud of this milestone and are excited to continue making digital toys that are fun and inspiring for kids,” said Björn Jeffery, CEO at Toca Boca. “Reaching 100 million downloads in just four years speaks to the hard work of our team and the fact that both kids and parents recognize the quality of our products. This is an exciting moment and we are looking forward to what is next — we plan to remain a beacon for good quality kids content regardless of channel.”
In addition to digital toys, Toca Boca is exploring opportunities in consumer products and a new video division dedicated to the new TV and video landscape for kids. All future offerings will follow the footsteps of Toca Boca digital toys by being uniquely designed from the kids’ perspective.
Originally founded in Sweden in 2010, Toca Boca has offices in New York, San Francisco and Stockholm. The company’s apps have been downloaded in 215 countries, with the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Sweden, as Toca Boca’s top five markets. Toca Boca has also received worldwide recognition from organizations such as the Parent’s Choice Awards, the Webby Awards and the Lovie Awards.

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