Cosmos – Infinite Space Heads to Apple TV

After only a few days on sale, games are already proving to be quite popular on the new Apple TV. Most of the top apps on the tvOS App Store are comprised of games and not cheap games either. It seems that people are willing to spend more on these than on traditional iOS games with some games costing up to $9.99. That doesn’t mean there aren’t affordable games available though. Take for instance Cosmos – Infinite Space.

Cosmos – Infinite Space is an addictive shooter, a nod to the golden days of arcade and early video games. It combines the randomness of Asteroids with the core gameplay of Galaga and keeps players motivated to come back and increase their score and stage progress.

Cosmos – Infinite Space is available now on Apple TV for $2.99. It’s a universal app so it will also work on current iOS devices as well.


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