One Upon Light Review – Stick to the Shadows to Survive [PS4]

There have been a lot of indie games coming out on PS4 lately and while many of you might scoff at this, just know that you are missing out on some wonderfully creative games. While it’s true that there are some indie games that are woefully bad, there are also those that are very good, fun, and imaginative. One Upon Light is one of those titles. Developed by SUTD Game Lab, One Upon Light is and environmental puzzle game where light and shadows play a huge role with your survival.

The story centers around a scientist who is seemingly lost beneath the sewers of the Roeswater Facility. This is following a huge explosion that is linked to light energy research being conducted there. You were caught in the accident and for some reason or another, are now extremely allergic to light, to the point where it can kill you if exposed for a few seconds. Your goal is to make it back to the surface, sticking to the shadows and to hopefully make it out alive.

One Upon Light plays a lot like many other top down games you may have played and fairly simple to control. Move with the left stick and perform actions with the “X” button. That’s basically it. They made the controls simple so you can concentrate on the game a devote your time to solving the puzzles. Puzzles usually consist of timed movement in the shadows in order to avoid the light as well as movement of objects to create shadows. A lot of it comes down to timing and placement and how to use objects to your advantage. The game actually isn’t terribly hard, but the use of light and shadows keeps it interesting.

As you can tell from the gameplay video and the screenshots, One Upon Light has an interesting art style. The game is done entirely in grey scale with the grey and dark parts being shadows and the extremely white parts being light. This makes it very easy to spot where you need to be and where you shouldn’t be. Graphically, the game is pretty good. It’s not a flat game like you’d expect but is instead rendered in 3D with you on top of each level. One Upon Light makes very good use of lighting effects and shadow effects.

One Upon a Light is an interesting take on the whole light and dark theme. This one has nothing to do with stealth and more to do with the fact that the light itself can kill you. Puzzle lovers will appreciate the puzzling elements in the game and how it gets more challenging as you progress. Overall, One Upon Light is good for those who like to figure out solutions to problems, and one that is actually quite relaxing due to the lack of enemies or dangers other than the light.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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3 thoughts on “One Upon Light Review – Stick to the Shadows to Survive [PS4]

    • I would say that this is more of a casual puzzler. Hard core puzzle fans who like super challenging games would probably find this too easy. Stealth Inc 2 is way more challenging if you want to check that out.

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