Kromaia Ω (Omega) Review [PS4]


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it here again. When it comes to new and unique gaming experiences, I can usually find that with a good indie game. It’s probably because indie developers have more freedom with what they can create and aren’t afraid to try new gameplay elements or themes. They aren’t trying to appeal to a mass audience by making compromises. Instead they are creating games that they want to create with no limitations. That’s what developer Kraken Empire’s Kromaia Ω (Omega) is. Kromaia Omega is a unique 360-degree shooter that features strange and fascinating new worlds unlike any you’ve seen before and adaptive AI that changes based on your play style.


I see lots of people complaining about a lack of a story mode in many AAA titles these days. That’s not a problem with Kromaia Omega. The game features a rather mysterious story of a stranded soul who awakens in a weird shrine, finding itself sealed inside a mechanical unit (called Armors). Having no memories at all, it must make its way in search for answers, in a world of forgotten devices and hostile creatures, while a somehow familiar voice within claims to know its mind better than itself. It’s this voice that pushes the story forward and drives you to discover more and more of the world around you.



If you’re an older gamer like I am, the idea of a 360-degree shooter may bring up memories of Parallax Software’s Descent. Descent was one of the first games to my knowledge that offered this type of movement. It was pretty innovative at the time and made the game very unique among it’s first person shooter peers. Kromaia Omega is no different. I don’t think there’s another game out there right now that looks and plays the way this game does. You have complete freedom of movement with the ability to go in any which direction you choose.

You start off the game with very little instruction other than how to control your Armor. While the game is very action oriented, there are also some puzzle elements included. For instance, the first room you start off in, you have to figure out how to escape. It’s mainly just trial and error but you’ll soon understand that many of the puzzles involve you shooting something to activate some kind of switch. Much of the game also involves a lot of exploration in a world that can get a bit disorienting at times. Luckily your Armor has a simple navigational ring that always points you in the right direction of your objective. It makes it easy to navigate, though you’ll want to stray from that a bit just to explore what’s around you.

Boss battles in Kormaia Omega are huge. That for instance the very first boss you fave, Vermis the Worm God. This is a giant snake like boss that does everything in its power to defeat you. Its size is quite intimating and it will shoot out strange projectiles at you that can do quite a bit of damage. Like most really good boss battles, this on will have you trying to figure out what the boss’s weak points are. In this case, you shoot out any glowing parts on its body to expose its weak points. After all the points have been destroyed, you can launch an all out attack on the head you destroy it. Vermis can be a tricky boss, but if you take your time, you shouldn’t have too much trouble defeating him.

As you can tell by both videos that I’ve posted up in the review, Kromaia Omega is very action oriented, much of it being non-stop. There really isn’t a dull moment in the game which is good because that’s what you want in a shooter. If you do find that the game is too easy, you can always up the difficulty setting and the adaptive AI should give you a nice, punishing experience.



To say that Kromaia Omega is a gorgeous game would be an understatement. This is a beautifully designed games, mainly filled with geometric shapes and a rainbow of colors. What’s really impressive about the game however is the shear number of objects that can appear on the screen at once. Rarely was there ever a time where my screen was just an empty void and instead, there was always something moving around either near by or at a distance. At times it even got so overwhelming with the number of enemies on screen at once that you would panic and wonder how you could even survive a situation like that.

And while the graphics in Kromaia Omega are impressive, the audio in the game is even more impressive. Everything from the mysterious voice to the upbeat soundtrack really makes this game a joy to play. The soundtrack in the game needs to be heard and this is the kind of game that only gets better with the volume turned all the way up. It’s just as much an auditory treat as it is a visual treat. Kromaia Omega is one of the elite indie games that just gets everything right.


Final Thoughts

I don’t know what else I can say about Kromaia Omega that I didn’t say above. This is absolutely one of the most enjoyable shooters on the PS4 right now and it’s an indie game. The game is so different from anything out on the console right now and I believe it’s a game you should really experience if you’re willing to take a chance on a game that you’ve probably never heard of before.

Kromaia Omega is a game that excels in both gameplay and presentation and one that doesn’t disappoint in either. Again, if you’re willing to take a chance on it, I wholeheartedly recommend this game for those looking for something unique, fun, and challenging.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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