We Play “KLAUS” – The First 3 Levels Walkthrough [PS4]


Over the weekend, I spent some of my gaming time playing KLAUS, a new puzzle platformer by developer La Cosa Entertainment. KLAUS is about a man who wakes up in a dark basement not knowing who he is or where he is. The only clue he has about his identity is the word KLAUS written on his arm. It’s up to you to help this man get his memory back and solve the mystery of what KLAUS is.

What’s especially interesting about KLAUS though is how focused on the story the game is. It’s very story driven and it’s interesting to see it unfold while you play. It’s also interesting to see how the character acknowledges your existence as you help him through each level. He’s aware that you’re there manipulating parts of the environment but isn’t quite sure what to make of you early on.

Overall, KLAUS is a very solid platformer with a very intuitive control scheme and deep story. It’s one of those games where you actually want to complete the game and discover all the secret areas in order to reveal the mystery of who this guy is.

For now, here’s the first 3 levels of KLAUS. I have more coming up and I’ll upload them as I play through them.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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