The Division Beta – Dark Zone Impressions [PS4]


For those who like PvP play, The Division provides something called the Dark Zone. This is an unregulated area in which anything goes. The Dark Zone is where you’ll meet other real life players who are not part of your current group. This is a free-for-all area so a level of caution must be observed. I’ll explain more in a bit.

First off, the Dark Zone is where you’ll find a lot of high level gear that you can’t find in the normal game. This gear however is contaminated and in order to use any of it, you’ll have to extract it from the DZ. This is done by calling a helicopter to pick up your loot which is then decontaminated and sent to your stash. This however is a lot harder than it sounds. This is because of all those other real life players I mentioned above.

You see, in the DZ, it’s basically every group for themselves or every man for themselves. Any unknown person you see is a potential threat and they are probably scheming to make you their next victim. If you die in the DZ, any loot you find is dropped and more than likely, those who killed you will steal your hard earned gear. Not only that, you also lose DZ credits.

However, when you respawn, you try to exact revenge on those who killed you because those randoms are now considered enemies to all and are called rogue agents now. These rogues have bounties on their heads which makes them targets for everyone. If you kill them, you can gain back your loot as well as whatever else they might have been carrying along with their credits. You want to be careful of who you shoot though because if you shoot someone who isn’t rogue, you in turn will become rogue and there is no good way to get around that unless you run for dear life and wait for your rogue status to disappear.

The best tactic if you want to play in the DZ is to get a good team together to watch each others back. Running the DZ solo will more than likely get you killed unless you’re really careful and aware of what’s going on around you. Stay away from large groups of unknowns and only try to extract items once the heli has arrived. Don’t stand around in the extraction zone because that’s a good way to get yourself killed and robbed of your loot. Also, the DZ is no place for weak gear. You’ll definitely want to gear up with your best stuff before entering because you know all the other players will too. It’s not a place for noobs.

There are a few issues I ran into while playing in the DZ. For starters, players in your group must be within 1-2 levels of what you are in order to appear on the same DZ session. Other wise they’ll still be in the DZ and partied up, but in another instance of it. You can see each other on the map, but aren’t physically in the same DZ. That means that if you have friends who play a lot, it’s best to coordinate when you’ll be on and to stay within the same levels. Another slight annoyance is that it’s sometimes really hard to tell who is and isn’t a rogue. I’ve had many instances where I thought a dude was rogue, but wasn’t and I end up becoming rogue instead. Lastly, there are a lot of douche bags running around just killing people for sport. It’s possible to enter a session and have nothing but these wankers killing everyone. In that case, I would suggest exiting the DZ, waiting a few minutes, and then reentering for a new session. Anyways, having players do this is nothing new and it’s to be expected in an area such as the Dark Zone.

That’s about it. The Dark Zone is an interesting idea. It’s an interesting way of bringing a community of players together into an area that basically has no rules. Do you trust those you see or do you shoot on site? This will be THE question you’ll have to ask yourself each time you enter the Dark Zone.

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