Full KLAUS Red Levels (Basement) Walkthrough Plus Boss Fight on PS4 [Video]


I know I had two separate posts that had these videos up before,but figured I should combine them all along with a new video of the “red” level boss battle against K1. On that note, KLAUS has been a really fun game thus far. The platform elements have been quite challenging with very solid gameplay mechanics. Like I mentioned before in a previous post, the story is also quite interesting and I’m really looking forward to finding out who KLAUS really is.

Red Level 1 – The Unknown Man

This is a pretty straight forward level that acts as the tutorial for all the basic moves. Here you’ll learn how to run fast, jump, double jump, and how to activate and use the gears and platforms. You’ll also hit the first secret area at the 5:30 mark.

Red Level 2 – I Owe You My Life

In this level we’re introduced to more dangers and how to avoid them. The secret area here appears at the 3:45 mark after a series of jumps.

Red Level 3 – Girl in Trouble

The game is starting to get harder now. This level introduces disintegrating floors and walls. The secret area here is at the 5:15 mark.

Red Level 4 – In Frame

This one starts off with the secret area being right at the beginning. You’d be blind if you missed it. Just jump up from the start and it’s there. The rest of level involves trying to progress forward while the level moves. If you fall behind, you have to start from the last checkpoint.

Red Level 5 – Marathon Man

This level moves fast. There are tons of new moving walkways where you’ll have to take their directional movement into consideration. This is definitely one of the more challenging levels in the “red” series. The secret area here can be seen after the 1:30 mark.

Red Level 6 – The Other Man

In this level, we’re introduced now to moving ladders. The secret area here appears early as well at around the 0:50 mark. If you picked up all the secret memory fragments up to this point, you’ll be transported to another secret area called the “Unknown Place – Home.”

Red Level Boss – K1, King of the Underground

This is our first boss battle in the game. You will have to hurt him 3 times in order to beat him. The boss battle itself isn’t really that hard if you know what he’s going to do each time. It just takes some patience and learning his attacks. After you defeat K1, you will move on to the “green” levels.

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