Full KLAUS Purple Levels (Electric Floor) Walkthrough Plus End on PS4 [Video]


In case you’re wondering what happened to the KLAUS “blue” level walkthrough, I have to skip it at the moment. The videos for those didn’t quite record correctly and I also accidentally skipped over  two of the secret areas. As much as I would like to go back and do those levels I screwed up on, I can’t. At least not yet. Arcade mode hasn’t opened up for me yet (I”m assuming it does after I beat the game once) and for me to replay those would require me to start the game over again. So instead, I’ll skip that for now and go straight to the new “purple” levels aka the Electric Floor.

The new purple levels are filled with electric dangers that will fry you on contact. Mainly you just need to avoid anything electric.

Purple Level 1: Light Bringer

This level is basically an introduction to all the different types of electric dangers you’ll face. Just study what each do and take your time. The secret area is easily missed and is located at the very end near the exit. You can see it at the 7:25 mark.

Purple Level 2: Bad Memories

In this level, we are introduced to new wall that allow you to grab on to them and them jump from them. They also seem to boost your jumps as well. The secret area here appears at the 1:40 mark, so pretty early in the game.

Purple Level 3: Electric Temptation

This level is pretty straightforward with much of the same elements as the previous levels but now you can move some of those jumping walls. The secret area here is visible right when the level starts. You can see it at the 0:15 mark.

Purple Level 4: Let it Happen

Something different happens at the end of this level. Depending on how you end this portion of the game, you either exit with both K1 and Klaus, or just Klaus on his own. I’m assuming this will change the ending a bit base on which way you chose to end this. I chose to have both K1 and Klaus exit. The secret area here is at the 3:30 mark.

Purple Level 5: Freedom

Level 5 is very different from all the other levels you’ve played. Here, you don’t get to control Klaus at all. He’s broken free of your control and just run on his own. All you can do is manipulate the environment and kinda nudge him in the direction you want him to go. The secret area here is at the 6:30 mark and can be missed if don’t move a platform quick enough. Also note that this is the last memory fragment for purple so after getting this, you’ll be transported to another memory section.

Purple Level 6: The Big Guy + Boss Battle Unknown Man

The events here continue off level 5. I’m not sure if you get to play this part of the game or not if you didn’t make K1 exit level 4. This one you play primarily as K1 as he tries to catch up to a newly powered up Klaus. At the end, there is a boss battle between the two again with an unexpected ending.

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