Watch My Weekend Adventures With The Division Open Beta [Video]


And that’s a wrap. The Division Open Beta ended and I played my fair share of it over the weekend. I captured a few streams from my many hours of play. I didn’t record everything, but what I did should give you an idea of what the game is like if you weren’t able to check out the closed or open betas. What I like about The Division so far is that you have the choice to play the game either solo or with a group and it’s entirely possible to play all of it like that.

Overall, I enjoyed my time again with The Division and can’t wait for the full game to come out. The Dark Zone is still a crazy place to be in, but I like how random it is each time you enter it. There’s a sense of danger in there that I haven’t felt in other games. I’m looking forward to playing it more when the rest of the map is opened up.

Before we get to the video however, I did try one thing new out that I don’t show below and didn’t try in the original beta. It seems that when you create new characters in addition to an existing character, these characters can share the items in your stash with each other. It’s very similar to what you can do in Destiny. Each character will however need to be leveled up separately as well as completing all missions separately as well. What this can be good for is having different characters with different dark zone ranks, this way you can play with different sets of friends who might be at different levels.

In episode 1 of the series, I take you through the start of the game as you make your way to your base of operations. From there, I do a few small side missions and random encounters. Nothing here is that different from the original closed beta. I did however notice there being a lot more encounters.

In episode two, I go multiplayer with @versman aka @jasonlanderson from G Style Gaming as we tackle the Madison Field Hospital mission. This is a mission that appeared in the first beta, so I was already pretty familiar with what to do. From there, we take on a few side missions and contamination zones to gain some better loot and clothing items.

Episode 3 in the series deals with the brand new mission, Subway Morgue. This one was blocked off in the closed beta, but was made available in the open beta. In this mission, I was joined by @WOW_MUCH_SHAWN. This was a very good and well laid out mission. I would have however loved to have been able to set the difficulty level to hard on this one, but that wasn’t possible here. Completing this mission also opened up the new tech wing that wasn’t available in the last beta either.

Episode 4 is very short and was my second time entering the Dark Zone PvP area. I mainly went in to do a quick in and out mission to gain XP and some new equipment. I went into an area with level 8-9 NPC’s who were much higher than what my dark zone level was. Luckily I had some decent weapons on me. However, this adventure into the DZ ended up being a total fail as in the last second of trying to extract my gear, me and those around me were ambushed by a rogue team. Oh well. Those are the risks you take in the DZ.

Episode 5 I’ll actually start this off at past the 20 minute mark because my buddy @versman and I were trying to figure out a proper chat setting. The in-game chat in The Division is very bad and not very reliable. Often the audio will drop out or it’ll become very choppy so I would highly advise not using it. Instead, set up a private chat party which is much more reliable and clear. In this episode, we tackle the DZ and a few of its NPC encounters. We also make our way to the only safe house in the beta. In this run, I had much better luck extracting gear as we were lucky enough not to run into any rouges. However, we still remained cautious of any randoms we came across. My tip for the DZ, don’t trust anyone. Always have someone watching your back and vice versa.

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