The Division – First Night Impressions and Gameplay Videos [PS4]


There are probably some of you out there who are on the fence still about picking up The Division. I’m here to hopefully push you over the edge and just buy the darn thing already. The game so far has been incredibly fun, especially with a full squad of 4, but is still satisfying when playing solo. The gun play is solid, though the RPG elements might throw off hard core shooter fans who are expecting 1-hit kills. You’ve already heard the term bullet sponges and that’s what a lot of the enemies are, if you don’t upgrade your weapons as you play. Constantly upgrade as you go and these enemies won’t be as spongy.

Another thing to look out for is the fact that this game doesn’t seem to have an auto-aim feature. What I mean by this is that aiming doesn’t cause your cross hairs to automatically snap to an enemies head. This game is very skill based and you will have to actually aim to hit your enemies. I’m okay with that and think that this would actually make me a better player in the long run.

Enough of that, let’s watch some videos.

The Division drops you off right in the heart of Brooklyn after getting “the call.” As an Agent of the Division, your job is to protect what’s right. You start off the game creating your in-game avatar. There are several face options to choose from and each with their own set of hair styles and facial features. It’s more than what you get with Destiny, but a lot less customization than Fallout 4. You’ll most likely run into others who might look similar to you.

After you make your character, you’ll make your way over to a temporary safe house in Brooklyn where you’ll meet up with Faye Lau and other members of The Division. Here, you’ll also see a bunch of other players who you can buddy up with if you want to. I decided to do this whole area solo just to see what it was like first on my own.

Brooklyn is what I would call a tutorial area. Many of the missions are just there to familiarize yourself with eh controls and the whole cover-and-shoot mechanics. You’ll learn how to interact with objects, how to pick up loot, and how to equip what you find. This area also helps you familiarize how the whole RPG thing works when you’re shooting enemies. They don’t just go down from 1 hit. You really need to be aware of the equipment you’re using and who you’re using it on.

The last mission in Brooklyn is basically a boss stage. Make you way through waves of enemies until you reach the end and face a boss enemy. Yes, he’s a bullet sponge at low levels. You’ll need some good weapons to do any real damage to him.

Overall, running the game solo is doable. There was no part of this where I absolutely needed a partner to complete the missions.

If you picked up The Division, it’s probably because you want to play with your friends, and hopefully, you have friends to play with. I decided to replay the Brooklyn part again, but with a full squad of 4 this time and you can really see how the missions have changed here. The game seems to scale the number of enemies based on how many people you are grouped with and it also seems like the enemies are leveled to whoever is the highest in your group. That means battles are a lot more hectic and fun, with waves and waves of enemies spewing out of the spawn areas.

I played for roughly 4 1/2 hours last night and in that time, I was able to get almost to rank 7 with all green gear and guns in my inventory. The servers were also running quite smooth once I was able to play last night with no connection issues or lag.

Note that all my gameplay last night consisted of the PvE zones in The Division. I have not ventured into the Dark Zone yet and I don’t intend to until I get myself some better weapons and equipment.

Overall, I’m very pleased with The Division so far. I”m having fun with this title and isn’t that what counts in the end when playing games? That you’re having fun with it?

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