The Division – What Happens When You’re the Only One Left Standing on Your Team?


You fight on. That’s what you do. And you do it with the help of your downed buddies who aren’t giving up on you just yet.

I’m going to start this off by saying that I bought my copy of Tom Clany’s The Division. I wasn’t able to secure a review copy of this game, but you know what? I don’t really care because this was a game I knew I wanted to play at launch so I put down my pre-order like most folks would do and picked it up at my local Best Buy.

To make a long story short, The Division is a really fun, team oriented game that requires a lot of communication and skill. That’s not to say that you can’t play this game solo, because you completely can. What I mean by this is that The Division is best played with a team and with a team that talks to each other because without good communication, it’s hard to tackle some of these missions efficiently. Good communication usually equals a win.

But what happens when your whole team goes down and you’re the only one left against what seems like an unstoppable boss? What you do is continue communicating with your friends because they can see things you can’t. Take for example what happened to me last night.

This video starts off at the beginning of the Napalm Production Site mission. This is a story based, security missions. If you watch the whole mission, which is a little bit more than an hour long, you’ll see that for the most part, my team and I did a great job of communicating. We called out enemies, flanked where we should have, and overall just kept talking so we all knew what was going on. All went well until we met up with the boss, Joe.

Skip to the 1:53:00 mark where we enter the area where the boss will appear. Continuing out strategy, we take out all the early enemies and it all seems to work well but then it all goes to crap when Joe appears. Slowly, one after another my teammates go down and by the 2:10:15 mark, I’m now by myself. There are still a random enemy left, some turrets, and the boss to deal with still. My teammates are in an area that I can’t quite get to because there are turrets covering them and an enemy and I still have to deal with Joe following me around.

This is where being patient and having teammates come in handy. Throughout this whole solo fight, they were telling me what the situation was with the guy below and the turrets as well as the position of the boss. All I had to to do was patiently pick away at the boss and the enemy/turrets below and when I finally had a chance to revive my teammates, they were ready for it. We were able to finish this mission in one try and it was all because none of us gave up, even when the odds were against us.

This is why I love The Division so far. These missions are so heart pounding and stressful but at the same time, so fun to play. There’s a real feel of accomplishment when you do beat the boss, especially when stuff like above happens.

And with that said, I highly suggest running with a good team when you play The Division. Make sure everyone has a mic and don’t be afraid to talk. It can only help you, not hinder you. The Division is one of the nest multiplayer games this year so pick it up and make your friends pick it up too. You won’t be sorry.

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