Tips for the Solo Player in The Division


While Tom Clancy’s The Division is being pushed as a multiplayer co-op experience (and don’t get me wrong, it is darn fun to play with a group), it is entirely possible too to play this game as a solo player. If you take your time and learn the intricacies of the gameplay, you can totally play pretty much the entire PvE element of The Division as a solo player.

Below is an example of a higher level mission called “Police Academy” that I ran solo. This was done on normal difficulty but I’m planning to run it again on hard later. The main thing I wanted to show here is that if you take your time, you should have no trouble clearing out all the enemies in an area without taking significant damage or dying. Take advantage of the cover system and only stick your head out when you have the shot.

Here are some things I would suggest for the solo player:

  1. Take each missions slowly. You should never be in a rush to confront the enemy and never ever just go blindly into a situation. Remember to always use your cover and try to assess the situation before starting combat. Pulse can be your best friend here when trying to figure out the position of your enemies.
  2. Always have the right weapons for each mission. By this I mean if you’re going into an area that is mostly closed spaces, do not run a marksman rifle. It just doesn’t make any sense. Use something like an SMG, light machine gun, assault rifle, or shotgun. They will do the most damage close range and you need that speed as well. If you in a mission that is more open, then yes, run a marksman rifle to snipe those enemies from range.
  3. Always upgrade your gear. You pick up a lot of weapons and gear items as you play so it’s always a good idea to check your inventory and upgrade to your best gear as you go. If you can’t seem to find a specific piece of gear that’s high enough, don’t be afraid to buy it, although usually, that shouldn’t even be necessary at the lower levels. All of my gear was found and none of it has been purchased yet. I’m saving that for level 30 stuff.
  4. If you want to level up at a moderate pace, you should do all the main missions, side missions, and encounters at any given section in the game before moving on to another. Each story mission has a base level recommendation to play it. Aside from the huge amounts of XP you get from story missions, you also get a considerable chunk completing the side missions. You don’t get as much from encounters, but they are usually really easy to do and still give XP. Each section of Manhattan has level requirements so make sure to check those before rushing into an area that has enemies who are much higher level than you are.
  5. Don’t forget to unlock upgrades for the medical, tech, and security wings at your Base of Operations. This is important to unlock new skills, perks, and abilities. Prioritize what’s important to you when you choose and upgrade. Don’t choose an upgrade that has perks and abilities you don’t need or use.
  6. Playing missions on hard is a challenge and isn’t really worth it if all you’re trying to do is level up quickly. You still get the same amount of XP you would get if you played on normal and the extra time it will take for you to complete each mission isn’t really worth it. I’d save the hard mode stuff for multiplayer.
  7. Lastly, just have fun. Take in the sights, explore the city. There’s a lot to do in The Division and none of it is locked away behind a multiplayer requirement. You can even run the Dark Zone solo if you’re brave enough.

Do you have any solo tips that I didn’t cover here? Please share them in the comments below. Cheers!

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