New The Technomancer Gameplay Trailer – Coming June 21st to PS4


The Technomancer is an upcoming sci-fi RPG from developer Spiders. Set on the planet Mars, you play as an apprentice Technomancer, Zachariah, who represents one of the powerful corporations warring for the most precious resource on the red planet: water. The Technomancers are formidable warriors, harnessing destructive electrical powers that are channeled through their implants. Your adventure will take you on a journey across Mars, where each decision you make bears consequences. Like any good RPG, there’s a robust character creation option to get you started and a detailed skill tree to help develop your character to your play style.

I wasn’t entirely too in to the game when it was first announced, but after seeing this new gameplay trailer, I’m definitely interested now. The gameplay looks very deep with a good mix of classic RPG elements and action. Not only that, this is a really pretty looking game.

The Technomancer is set to be released on June 21st for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.



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