Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Impressions + Gameplay Videos on PS4


Last week, I was asked if I got my closed beta code for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and I answered back that I didn’t even sign up for it. I was wrong. Sitting in my email that day was a fresh PS4 code so apparently, I had signed up when they first announced it and it just slipped my mind. So after entering the code online and remote downloading it to my PS4, I was ready to try it out by the time I got home after work. Thank god I did get a code for this because let me tell you, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a beautiful game.

From the moment the first cut-scene starts to the moment you start running, you thrown into a world that just looks so darn good. It has that familiar style that made the original Mirror’s Edge so unique, but improved upon in every way. The environments look much more detailed and slightly more colorful, though the use of whites, blues, and reds still take center stage here. The art style simply looks amazing here as you take in both the prerendered cut-scenes and the in-game graphics.

Gameplay in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a tad bit different than in the original game as in this game, it’s now an open world environment. This allows more freedom to explore and to complete missions as you please. To keep you from getting lost, there is a pretty neat looking map system as well as a sort of “gps” that can get you to where you need to go.

All the neat stuff about Mirror’s Edge is still there though such as the robust parkour elements and the hand to hand combat. I can’t quite remember what the combat was like in the original game, but in Catalyst, it’s pretty good. The combat doesn’t take away from your movements and it seems to flow really well with the overall feeling of motion and speed in the game.

For a closed beta, I’m surprised by just how much you’re able to play in it. There are a good mix of missions, side missions, and races you can compete in as well as collectibles you can get scattered around the world. The game feels very polished, even in beta form and I didn’t run into any real issues with it. Also, there seems to be a social aspect to the game, though I didn’t really get into it at all with my time. Overall, I’m very impressed with what I saw in the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta. This is definitely a game I’ll have to keep my eyes on. It’s quite fun and the story seems pretty interesting too.


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