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highlights_iconIf you have kids, you’ve probably heard of Highlights magazine. These are usually found at your local family doctors’ office and probably at ever pediatricians’ office as well. I know when I was a kid, I used to browse through all the ones they had laying around and even as an adult now with my own kids, I’ll still pick one up just to do the object search puzzles. Anyways, Highlights has teamed up with Colto to create a new child friendly game called Highlights Monster Day where your kids can play with a monster as it goes through its every day routines.

HIghlights Monster Day is an app designed for preschool children. In the app, they’ll be following a young monster around as he goes about his day at home, then at school, and then back home again. It’s a typical day in the life of a preschool child so much of this they will be able to relate to.

Help the monster wake up in the morning, brush his teeth, and eat a healthy breakfast. After that, follow him to school as he does projects, eats lunch, and has recess. After school is over, the monster will go back home, eat dinner, wash up, and get ready for bed.

All of these activities are fully interactive and fairly fun for children. What’s neat is that each time you go through a day, you can do it with a different monster. That means it’ll be a bit different each time your child goes through the app.

This new Highlights Monster Day app is pretty good. I mean kids love cute monsters and there’s tons to interact with in this app. These are all mostly activities that kids themselves have to do too, such as brushing their teeth or eating healthy meals so if they’re having fun doing it virtually, they’ll probably think of these activities as fun when they do it in real life.

iTunes Link: Highlights Monster Day
Google Play Link: Highlights Monster Day
Amazon Link: Highlights Monster Day
Developer: Highlights | Colto
Price: $2.99


Welcome to a day in the life of a lovable monster! Choose your favorite friend and care for him from morning till night: brush his big yellow teeth, feed him bagels, help with his science experiment and play basketball. Then, wash and feed your monster and gently put him to sleep.

Help your preschooler learn about friendship, explore the world around them, and develop compassion, kindness and independence with Highlights Monster Day. From Highlights for Children, the brand parents trust!

Highlights Monster Day is designed and developed by Italian creative studio Colto.

Kids will benefit from:

* Meaningful lessons about everyday life
* Confidence in making decisions as they care for their monster
* Creativity and curiosity as they explore everyday activities
* Development of fine motor skills
* Emotional growth in compassion and kindness
* Security of an ad-free environment with no in-app purchases


* Five friendly monsters to choose from
* Up to thirteen morning, school and after-school activities
* Breakfast, lunch and dinner activities
* Photo feature in every scene

Highlights Monster Day is the ideal first app for kids 2+, and easy for kids to play on their own.

More on Highlights Monster Day:

This game is based on the positive values of kindness, compassion and friendship, and inspires kids to think about others. In the game, the player makes friends with a monster and cares for him. This builds character and confidence in young children by making them feel good about themselves.


The game portrays monsters in the context of a child’s everyday routine, so lessons such as regularly brushing teeth and going to school are relevant.


In the game, children tap, swipe, complete circle rotations, drag and drop, and pump levers. Some activities require quick reflexes on these actions. These activities and finger motions improve fine motor skills for preschoolers.


Young children can have fun discovering 16 different scenes in the daily life of 5 different monsters, including ringing an alarm clock to wake him up, feeding him exotic fruit for breakfast and investigating semi-precious stones in geology at school.


Take photos of favorite activities in your monster’s day and save them in your device’s photo gallery.


Highlights for Children
For 70 years, Highlights for Children has been helping kids become their best selves through Fun with a Purpose™ magazines, puzzle clubs, games, books, toys and digital products.

Founded by Dr. Garry and Caroline Myers in 1946, Highlights was built on the belief that “Children Are the World’s Most Important People™”. Today, every Highlights product is designed to help children become creative, curious, caring and confident.

Colto is creating imaginative and educational mobile play experiences for kids around the world based on original and branded properties. Our team, made up of a Mum/Teacher and talented game designers and developers, strives to develop high quality educational Apps that kids love and parents trust. Our games are ethical, safe and designed to be non addictive for kids.

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