Indie Developer, Hollow Ponds Announces Loot Rascals | Trailer


You may not have heard of indie developer Hollow Ponds before, but you’ve probably heard of a little game called Hohokum and a cartoon called Adventure Time. Well, Hollow Pond consists of a veteran team comprised of many of the same individuals who worked on Hohokum and an Adventure Time animator. This first game coming out that will hit PS4 next year in 2017 will be Loot Rascals, a roguelike strategy experience with collectible card game elements and a retro sci-fi aesthetic.

The objective of Loot Rascals is to escape from a distant hostile planet, but eccentric aliens, robots and monsters stand in the way. A.I. controlled holograms of other players may also attack, depending upon in-game decisions.

What makes Loot Rascals fascinating is that permadeath exists in this game where if you die, you lose all your equipment (cards). The neat part here is that the enemy that kills you will loot one of your cards for themselves. When another player (online I’m guessing) kills that enemy, your card will drop from it. If that player keeps your card, your hologram will invade that person’s game and attempt to kill them. If they decide to give the card back to the owner, their hologram will help you on your journey for a small period of time. That’s a really interesting gameplay mechanic that I don’t think I’ve seen before.

Loot Rascals combines the deep strategy of a roguelike with deck-building card game mechanics to create something wholly original and incredibly entertaining,” says Ricky Haggett, Founder and Lead Designer, Hollow Ponds.

For more information about Loot Rascals, please visit



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