Neon Chrome Launch Trailer | Heading to PS4 on May 31st


10tons is no stranger here as I’ve looked at many of their previously released quirky games on the PS4. While those games were very niche, their latest is a bit more accessible to the masses and probably their most ambitious game yet.

Neon Chrome is a top-down cyberpunk twin stick shooter with roguelike elements. Environments are procedurally generated and destructible, there are hand crafted bossfights, cybernetic enhancements, five character classes and all sorts of fun stuff!

While the game can be quite challenging with death looming around every corner, death isn’t really a deterrent here. Neon Chrome features permanent character progression. That means that when you die, you don’t lose everything and have to start back over from the beginning like other games of this type. Instead, the player is given infinite lives, and permanent character stat upgrades can be bought between deaths.

Because the game is procedurally generated, each time you die you’ll get a new set of levels to play on. Once the game has been “beaten” once, the procedurality of the game is used to crank up the challenge and you get to do it again.

Neon Chrome will be released on May 31st on PSN.

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