Neon Chrome Gameplay Videos & Impressions


10tons’ latest, Neon Chrome might not be out yet officially, but I’ve been playing it for the past couple of days thanks to the developer who was kind enough to send over a review copy. While I’ve been asked not to post up a full review yet until after the game is released, I am allowed to show you gameplay footage of what is 10tons best game so far, as they’ve released many.

Part of what makes this game incredibly fun is music. It adds a lot to the ambiance of the game and really helps to keep the game moving along at a steady and fast pace. It never gets in the way of the gameplay.

And on the topic of gameplay, Neon Chrome is a twin stick shooter with rogue-like elements. You’ll be dying a lot in this game as your are basically only given one life to make it 29-levels to the Overseer. That’s incredibly hard and to be perfectly honest, I’ve only made it to level 4 where the first boss resides. On the plus side, all the credits you earn during each playthrough is saved and can be spend on upgrades between games. Your progression is saved when it comes to your character which means that every time you play, you get a little better and stronger.

I played a little over 2-hours on my first night and I must say, the game is pretty fun. It really keeps your attention and I think some of that has to do with the procedurality of it all. Each playthrough is never really the same as each time you play, the levels are procedurally created to make them different each time. It helps to keep the game fresh so you’re not playing the same levels over and over again. What also helps like I stated above is that you get to keep your progression. While the game is hard, its not hard to the point where you want to punch a wall. While I appreciate hard games, I don’t like having to start over every single time. It gets exhausting so I really like 10tons’s decision here with the progression.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’m going to play this game a lot more and hopefully I can figure out how to beat this first boss finally and make it higher up in the game. I’m sure it’ll take many more upgrades until I can.

Neon Chrome goes on sale next week, May 31st on PSN.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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