Dead Island Definitive Collection Available Now


I have fond memories of Techland’s original zombie slasher, Dead Island. While this title totally wasn’t suitable for play while my kids were around, I had a blast playing it with my friends after I got them all settled in bed. This was at the time, a pretty revolutionary zombie game that did a lot of things differently from others. It focused a lot on melee combat, crafting, and exploration. Dead Island was really fun, though I never got around to playing the follow up, Dead Island: Riptide.

Now I can and on next gen consoles because Deep Silver today released the Dead Island Definitive Collection. Comprised of the original Dead Island and its undead successor Dead Island: Riptide (including all previously released DLC), Dead Island Definitive Collection brings the two legendary zombie games together for the first time, completely remastered to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Not only that, Dead Island Definitive Collection also includes Dead Island: Retro Revenge which is only available exclusively with this collection.

Dead Island Definitive Collection is a compilation containing Dead Island Definitive Edition, Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition and also includes for free Dead Island Retro Revenge. It is available at retail and digital for $39.99.

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