HITMAN Episode 3 – Marrakesh: A Gilded Cage on PS4| Quick Review


HITMAN’s third episode came out last week on May 31st and takes place in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh. The target this time is the corrupt private banker Claus Strandberg and his accomplice Army General Reza Zaydan. This particular mission takes place during a period of civil unrest with its people on the brink of a full-scale riot. These are the moments before a coup d’état, where the visible military presence exacerbates a situation where tensions are running high.

Marrakesh offers a richly detailed, dense creative stealth sandbox featuring two targets, a host of opportunities and challenges to explore and a living environment that transports you from crowded markets to magical souks, from the cool elegance of the Swedish consulate to the military-occupied remains of an abandoned school. Infiltrate a consulate under siege to kill a man everyone hates and take out the army general that freed him from his prison shackles.

This is going to be a quick review because much of the game is very similar to the first two episodes and the base game. There is still a ton of areas to explore and the new Marrakesh map is pretty large. This is a map that combines the size and openness of Sapienza and the more suffocating closeness of Paris. If you take a look at the video above from my first playthrough, you’ll get a feel for how this new map is its different areas.

You start off in the market area of Marrakesh which is teaming with life and activity. There are hundreds if not thousands of NPCs walking around and going about their every day life so it’s best to explore at first and take in the sights. This is usually what I do on my first playthroughs. Exploring allows you to discover different opportunities that might come your way as well as showing you where certain items can be picked up and used.

For the most part, not much goes on outside of the two main areas of the school and the Swedish consulate. The entire marketplace area usually just ends up being the starting area where you discover opportunities that get you into the school or consulate.  I found a few areas that looked like they could be used for something, but couldn’t figure out for what yet.

Once you’re either in the school or consulate, you’ll be presented with more opportunities and different ways of eliminating your target. Like with the other episodes, it’s up to you to discover all the different methods. Sure you could just sneak in and use your silenced pistol, but you’ll want to seek more creative methods for your other playthroughs.

Overall, this new Marrakesh map offers a decent variety of things to do. On a side note, the targets in this episode aren’t quite as interesting as the targets in the previous 2 chapters. The previous targets seemed like they had more personality and charm to them while the current 2 are a bit more bland and robotic. There were times where I felt kind of bad killing the targets in episodes 1 and 2. Not so in episode 3.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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