HITMAN Elusive Target #3 Trailer | The Prince – Father Adalrico Candelaria

HITMAN’s Elusive Target #3 is here today and you have 72 hours to take him out. So it looks like my initial hunch was correct and “The Prince” will be located around the church area on the Sapienza map. If this is an area you haven’t really explored much (which I haven’t), I highly suggest exploring it in the regular game before tackling the Elusive Target mission. Also, and I did not know this, you can actually start up the mission and if you think you’re in a jam, you can restart it or replan it and start over as long as you don’t die or kill the target.

Remember, you only get one chance to take out the target. If you die, that’s it. You’re done. All I can say is to plan ahead and make sure you always have a plan B just in case and an exit strategy.

If you subscribe to my Youtube channel, you should be able to catch my stream of this later tonight as I attempt this. If you don’t catch it live, it’ll be archived for viewing at a later time.


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