Proun+ Review | iOS

proun_iconProun+ is a racing game that doesn’t appear to look like a racing game at first. It’s highly stylized and looks more like some kind of crazy computer art than it does a serious racer. But you’ll soon discover that as a racer, Proun+ is actually pretty unique and challenging that will require you to think a bit differently with this rather dizzying racer.

Proun+ has you racing on what is essentially the outside of a tube. You are a fuzzy ball type thingy and can travel completely around this tube as you move forward. You’ll want to move often because as you progress through through the track, a series of obstacles will come at you that you need to avoid. You do this by twisting your way around the track. You’re constantly moving and turning and if you do get stopped by an obstacle, is will slow you down to a crawl allowing other opponents to pass you.

Proun+ is a rather interesting racing game and one unlike anything I’ve ever played. The use of a rotating race track is pretty neat. It’s disorienting at first but you get used to it after a while. The art style is also very unique as you’re basically racing through what looks like abstract art, converted into 3D, and used as track obstacles. Overall, Proun+ is a very fun racing game that you should probably check out if you want to try something new and different.

iTunes Link: Proun+
Developer: Engine Software
Price: Free


Proun+ is a great combination of art and a racing game, inspired by paintings by Mondriaan and Kandinsky.

Proun+ – A Journey Through Modern Art
In Proun+ you guide a ball racing along a pipe while dodging obstacles. 5 different speeds from Relaxed to Speed of Light mean this game is suitable for both casual and hardcore gamers, so anyone can enjoy it. The levels are accompanied by great jazz-rock music specially written for Proun+.

*Please note: make no mistake – this game is visually great but will be the hardest challenge of your life at top speed!

Proun+ =
• 5 different speeds
• 11 levels
• 4 different game modes
• Jazz-rock music
• Simple game controls (touch or tilt)
• Lasting appeal
• A Journey Through Modern Art

This game is compatible with the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 (or newer), but a 4th generation iPad or iPhone 5 (or newer) is recommended for the ultimate gaming experience.

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