10 Second Ninja’s Interesting ‘Prepare to Buy’ Edition Demo Promotion


10 Second Ninja is scheduled to be released on July 19th. Before that happens though, developer Four Circle Interactive and publisher Curve Digital are releasing a demo on Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/435790/) as well as directly in-browser at the official website (http://10second.ninja/challenge), that will allow users to try out the game first.

The interesting part here is that the free ‘Prepare to Buy’ Edition allows players to earn in-game stars based on how quickly they complete stages, and subsequently lower the game’s final pricing across all formats when the full game launches on July 19. For each star collected by players worldwide across the demo’s five levels, Curve Digital will drop the launch price by 0.0008 percent up to a maximum of 40 percent. If 50,000 stars are collected cumulatively prior to release, 10 Second Ninja X will be discounted to an almost irresistible $5.99 from its planned price of $9.99.

That means it’s up to the fans of the world to get the launch price reduced. Doesn’t $5.99 sound better than $9.99?

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