DEX Enhanced Edition – First Hour of Gameplay & Impressions | PS4


As much as I like game trailers, I think seeing actual gameplay is much better than a flashy trailer that might not show you exactly what a game is like. That’s why lately I’ve been streaming a lot of these “First XX Minute/Hour” videos so you guys can see what the gameplay is like exactly when you first start the game as well as what the game is first like when I play it. This includes all the accidental deaths I might incur or any frustrations I might have with the game as well. With that said, below is my first hour or so with the new PS4 version of DEX Enhanced Edition by developer Dreadlocks and published by Badland Games.


Dex tells the story of an AI, Dex, and her quest for the Singularity — a theoretical “event horizon” in which artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence.

Without knowing why, Dex is chased by corporate mercs and gets thrown into a web of intrigue — leading her to question the origins of her own existence. We’re introduced to a trio of hacktivists interested in helping Dex in her quest: the mysterious Raycast, the protective Decker, and the light-minded Tony. Only *you* will get to decide how the story ends.

The streets of Harbor Prime offer countless opportunities to fight against dangerous gangs, expose corporate secrets, dive into the depths of Cyberspace, develop Dex’s skills, influence the fate of NPCs, and much more.

The outskirts of the city are plagued by crime, poverty and filth. Out there, every day presents a new struggle for survival. The wealthier districts are full of skyscrapers and bustling businesses. Yet beneath the sleek exterior, another war is going on — with powerful corporations constantly at each other’s throats. Woe to those who get caught in the crossfire!

The first hour of gameplay so far for me was basically learning the ropes and how to maneuver around the world. Movements are pretty basic with the left stick while the right stick allows you to roll and avoid enemy hits. I haven’t been able to find any weapons yet so most of my combat involves awkwardly punching people and the occasional flying side kick. However, this is no match for certain enemies who are carrying chains and machine guns. I did engage some of the enemies in combat while others I decided to either run away from or avoid.

The story in the game so far is actually really interesting and I really like how there are several choices in which you can progress the story through dialog. The game does have a very RPG feel to it though most of the actual gameplay so far has been more action and platform oriented.

On the graphic side of things, I really like the whole look and feel of DEX. The art in it is pretty good and the environments are well detailed and moody. The character animations in the game are also decent though DEX’s crouching animation seems a little off.

Overall, DEX Enhanced Edition is a rather interesting game so far. I can’t wait to get deeper into both the game and story. I’ll be streaming the rest of my adventures in DEX on my Youtube channel so if you want more, stay updated here:

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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